Earth is an amazingly complex home and we humans are just one of millions of amateur survivalist species existing on it. We are amateur earthlings because no matter how much we grow, learn, or age, not one of us has ever achieved professional human status with all the answers to everything.

Of course, being “non-professional human earthlings” doesn’t absolve us from doing our best or continually striving to be better — as both humans and earthians.  It simply means that as we explore our earthly world of possibilities and strive for that better, we do it with humility, respect, joy, and compassion for ourselves and for the rest of earth’s inhabitants. And, it will also require us, individually and collectively, to become responsible collaborators in that better.

Below The Salt Digest is just one attempt at becoming responsible “non-professional human earthling” collaborators in a “better” earth.

  • The Mission of BELOW THE SALT DIGEST — To collect and share stories and storytelling that expands our knowledge, creativity, possibilities, and usefulness.
  • The Purpose — To be responsible collaborators in a more healthy, compassionate, and sustainable planet for all species.
  • The focus — To explore the amazing, ubiquitous, and oftentimes surprising human/nature connections.
  • Our hope — To inspire others to join us in — Honoring Creativity · Pondering Possibilities · Sharing Knowledge · Valuing Usefulness

BELOW THE SALT DIGEST is not about selling products or debating politics.

Please come back often and share your thoughts in comments.  If you are interested in contributing a guest post or become a contributing writer, please Contact Us.

– Linda Anselmi, Publisher & editor BELOW THE SALT DIGEST


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