Gardening For Groundhogs

Anyone who has grown a vegetable garden knows it is first and foremost a labor of love. You LOVE watching things grow and reaping your home grown harvest, but it take a tremendous amount of physical LABOR to produce.  And, yes, the rewards can be amazing, but they can also be extremely few.

There are so many things that can and do go wrong.  The growing season’s needs to be just right – not too hot and not too cold, not too much nor too little rain, no sleet, no hail, and no high winds.

And, of course, there are the endless invaders — insects ones, birds ones, furry ones… any and all of which have the amazing capability to bring your labor of love to naught, seemingly, within minutes.

But, then there comes a time when you realize that the nature lover in you wins out over the gardener in you and you find yourself watching with loving fascination as nature plays out. And you feel privileged to be a spectator…

Even if it means gardening for groundhogs instead of yourself. Gardener Jeff says it best —

“We coexist. This is his land too!”


Follow the adventures of Chunk the Groundhog and his family on YouTubeInstagram and Facebook.

I’ve gardened for butterflies and bees, but gardening for groundhogs is taking things to a whole other level… Go gardener Jeff!


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