PSA: Helmet Has Always Been A Good Idea

To helmet or not to helmet?

That question was long ago decided in favor of helmets at least in the US where our streets and traffic are less than friendly to cyclists. But, apparently Denmark is still making a push to get people to helmet up and facing great resistance. Sierra Club has a great article on why the Danes are not fans of bicycle helmets.

Hence, a PSA: HELMET HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD IDEA (video below) from the Danish Road Safety Council.

From a storytelling perspective, you can’t help but admire this PSA’s humor and originality in explaining how and why life changes. And, true to form it has all the elements of Persuasion…

  • The dramatics of this situation says this message is … IMPORTANT
  • The common dilemma with the viewer says this message is … TRUSTWORTHY
  • The obstacles to overcome says this message is … STRONG (hmm)
  • The defining moment says this message is … FINAL
  • The transformation says this message is … ACCEPTED

Or does it…

From a storytelling perspective, it would have been more in keeping with the “before you go forth and conquer” theme if the obstacles presented were not weak verbal arguments with comrades and family, but brief humorous glimpses of situations where the helmet actually came in handy – getting thrown from the horse, having a rock thrown at you, encountering an unexpectedly low tree branch or archway …

Still, here’s hoping PSA: HELMET HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD IDEA doesn’t just amuse viewers, but actually changes minds too.


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