Music: CELESTE & BLONDE by Roger & Brian Eno

Cue the classic movie scene of contemplation and it is almost always a ride through the countryside. You see a passenger in a car or on a train, deep in thought, watching the panoramic scenery passing by.  And, of course, the background music is suitably wistful and meditative. 

So what music and which scenery would you choose for contemplation?

Roger & Brian Eno created a variety of excellent ambient electronic soundscape videos with their MIXING COLOURS album.  I frequently listened to several of these in a row and I’ve found that with the change in music and scenery I tend to experience a noticeable changed in the tone and direction of my thoughts. Test it out for yourself.

Anyways, here are a couple of my contemplation favorites. 

BLONDE — by Roger & Brian Eno


CELESTE — by Roger & Brian Eno


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